Video Tutorials

See below for video tutorials on how to dispute copyright notices on YouTube. More videos coming soon.

1. How to Dispute Content ID Claims (Updated Nov 2012)

2. How to Appeal Reinstated Content ID Claims

3. How to File a DMCA Counter-Notification

4. Fair Use School: The Rest of the Copyright Story (Response to YouTube's "Copyright School" Video)

This video sets the record straight on fair use, correcting the impression given by YouTube's video that fair use is impossible for YouTube users to understand, and showing that it is actually a valuable tool for fighting abusive takedown notices against your videos. It also gives a brief tutorial on how to file a DMCA counter-notice on YouTube. This video won first prize in Public Knowledge's video contest to create a response to YouTube's copyright school video.

5. How to Dispute Content ID Matches (outdated version)

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